Blog Hopping: DIVINE LEE

DLMy first blogpost is all about DIVINE LEE! Blog Hopping–I do this all the time–as in everyday. But of all the blogs I visited eversince, my super favorite blog is Divine Lee’s blog. I love how simple and clean her blog layout is and most especially, I love how she blogs. She blogs using Beki language (if meron nga ba non? Haha!), ang sarap lang basahin ng blogposts niya kasi super natural ng arrive. Walang keme and arte. Straight to the point, has sense and ang comedy basahin because of the language she’s using. I never get tired reading her blog kait abutin pa ako ng madaling araw kakabrowse. Infairness ang dami kong learnings from her blog. And also, I love her fashion sense, the best way to describe it–PAK na PAK!!! Hahaha!

At first I thought her blog is only about fashion pero wit! She talks about random things. If ever magkakaron siya ng book, nako talagang bibili ako! Haha! Kasi for sure ang sarap basahin nun, lalo na if she uses Beki words! Usually kasi, bloggers don’t use Filipino or Tag-Lish words when blogging, kaya when I read Divine Lee’s blog na-amaze lang ako. For me, that makes her blog unique and very different from others. Sorry naman sa pagiging faney ko. Pero I love her talaga.

Para maexperience mo din ang blog niya, visit!



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