I just want to share my first Banana Leaf experience. But before that, will tell you what’s Banana Leaf first.

Banana Leaf is a restaurant that offers modern Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian cuisine. It’s one of 2012 Philippine’s Best Restaurants and it’s popular when it comes to authentic contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine.

I’m a big fan of FOOD. Yes, I love food so much that’s why i’m getting bigger and bigger. LOL! Haha! My friends and I went to Banana Leaf, Trinoma to bond and make kwento. I’m not that familiar with types or kinds of cuisine, as long as it’s delicious, GO! Haha. Below are the food we ordered.

IMG_1951  IMG_1949

IMG_1948  IMG_1957


From top to bottom: Deep Fried Chicken Strips Malayan Style, Pad Thai, Barbecue Roasted Whole Baby Back Ribs & Steamed White Rice.

From all the food that we ordered, my all time favorite is the Barbeque Roasted Whole Baby Back Ribs. I love the sauce, the meat, I love it to bits! Sauce pa lang ulam na! Haha. I also love their Pad Thai, I love its spicyness. Saktong-sakto lang! And before I forgot we also ordered Milk Tea.


IMG_1958 IMG_1964 IMG_1955 IMG_1950 IMG_0001

Overall, I loved the ambiance, the food–in short I LOVE EVERYTHING! So if you wanna try Banana Leaf too you mat check their website and SNS accounts below:


Twitter: @bananaleafph

Facebook: Banana Leaf



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