Featured: Globe Go UNLI


While trying out the *143# mode on Globe menu. I figured out this Globe promo, Go UNLI–Unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited text to all networks and Unlimited Facebook access for only P30/day. I decided to try it yesterday. What I can say is, it’s so sulit! Because I can also access Instagram and Twitter. I’m using the SuperSurf before which is unimited data for P50/day. But there’s no text or call. That’s why when I found out about this Globe Go UNLI, I excitedly tried it agad-agad! For an online-working person, this UNLI promo is perfect.

You can choose from the 4 denominations of Go UNLI below:

1. 1 day for P30

2. 3 days for P80

3. 7 days for P180

4. 30 days for P750

To register, just simply text UNLI30 or GOUNLI30 / GOUNLI80 / GOUNLI180 / GOUNLI750 and send to 8888. You can also register free via *143# under Choose Your Promo.

Globe is really the best when it comes to UNLI promos!


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